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Experience Continuous Mosquito Control With an Automatic Misting System

Because mosquitoes are a year-round challenge in South Florida, a more continuous mosquito control option in the form of an automatic misting system may be the perfect choice for your home or business.

Mosquito misting systems:

  • Automatically release a 30-second spray 2-4 times daily.
  • Kill or repel mosquitoes and ticks in all treated areas.
  • Consist of inconspicuous nylon tubing that connects strategically placed, corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated, stainless-steel nozzles.
  • Include a remote control allowing you to opt for additional or fewer sprays to suit your needs.
  • Includes online monitoring of your misting system so we are always aware of what is happening. (first year included within installation)

Our trained team members will come out and install the system around your home. After installing your mosquito control system, Mosquito Squad also offers product refill and maintenance packages.

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