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Helping to Keep Your Horses Happy & Healthy

South Florida is horse country. But it’s also where pests are active all year long. And flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects are more than just a nuisance; they also pose costly health risks, too.

Flies carry significant levels of bacteria and can infect food and animals simply by landing on them. Pink eye (infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis) is transmitted by flies, and blood-sucking flies can lead to anemia.

Meanwhile, mosquitoes transmit deadly Western equine Encephalitis. And all insects that annoy livestock are factors in decreased weight gain.

That’s why in this part of Florida, effective pest control measures are a necessity for happy, healthy horses… as well as virtually any animal housed in outdoor enclosures.

Easily and Affordably Control Flying Insects with a Mosquito Squad Automatic Misting System

Our Automatic Misting System is one of your most effective tools for pest management in the stable, barn, or kennel. Nozzles are strategically placed along the roof interior and connected by nylon tubing to a reservoir and pressurized pump that deliver approved pesticides at specific intervals managed by an automatic timer.

A single nozzle can control a 1000 cu. ft. area. Mosquito Squad will consult with you on your placement, timing, and pesticide selection before installing your automatic misting system. Plus, Mosquito Squad offers annual maintenance plans and will service your system for you. You’ll never need to lift a finger to fill a tank.

Proven Effective Time and Time Again

While Mosquito Squad currently serves residential, commercial, and agricultural clients, our automatic misting system was originally developed specifically for livestock applications. Farms and equestrian facilities across America have been relying on Mosquito Squad pest management for years — and we’ll bring that same trusted experience to your facility as well.

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